16th June 2008


Apologies: Gwen Moore, Greg and Sam Thompson, Neil Levett, David King.


Present: Linda and Graham Saunders, Kevin Couchman, Dave Luckhurst, Kathy Wilson, Caroline Levett, Jill Watson, Richard Fletcher, Cathy Meredith.


Youth Forum report: this is available for all to see on the Smarden Website or by calling Jill on 01233 770085.


Treasurer’s report: Linda produced a record of our accounts which showed a balance of £901 at the time of the meeting. She advised that we had received grants from :

·         The Parish Council. £250

·         KCC: Start up fund of £200

·         Kent community foundation: £2500

·         £200 from Michelle Jones field worker for rural youth clubs.

·         Ashford activity fund: £310 allocated for specific activities we had organized.


Election of Officers and Committee: There were no further nominations for the committee. Jill proposed committee to remain the same although it should be noted the Chair’s role is vacant at present. Seconded by Kevin Couchman.

The following people expressed that they would wish to be volunteers to act as supervisors at the youth forum.

·         Kathy and Martin Wilson,

·          Caroline and Neil Levett,

·          Gwen Moore.

Agreed pending necessary child protection checks. Noted that all volunteers have current CRB checks already done all be it within different organizations or work places.


The way forward:

·         Discussed and decided that the activities continue to be youth lead as they often seem to simply want to be together. We will continue to organize activities off campus as indicated and would make use of the Ashford activity fund where possible. The Outreach team continues to be a great support.

·         Health and safety at the Youth building. It was agreed that the safety of the building is in question. It is not a problem in the summer months as the youngsters remain outside the majority of the evening however it was agreed that a letter should go to The Youth club, Graham Clewes at Kent youth and the Parish council raising our concerns regarding the lack of sufficient safety measures in place. This will need to be reviewed over the summer once the future of the Youth building is more settled in view of negotiations which are ongoing to place the building under new management.

·         All agreed that once the buildings future is clear then the next step is to aim to refurbish the building for use by all young people within the community if at all possible.

·         Kevin advised he had info about a street artist who comes out to youth clubs showing how it is done. Kevin will look into getting him along.


A.O.B: The committee all felt that the support of the Tenterden outreach team had been great. They continue to support us now by coming along to every Wednesday meeting. Thanks also to the Youth Club which allows us to use the youth building free of charge and to the Charter Hall committee who have been very understanding regarding the needs of youth while using the Charter hall.


Richard queried if we had a written constitution which was confirmed. He also asked if the accounts were audited. They are to be audited as per our constitution. We discussed that our system of account keeping took an uncomplicated approach which is sufficient for our needs and that we had al the necessary invoices and receipts etc to support them and ensure transparency.