The Conservative Association

Among the many clubs and associations which make the village such a thriving community is the Smarden Conservative Association.

We hold two or three social/fundraising events a year to support the Ashford Constituency or local causes. They are very relaxed affairs where everyone is welcome and offer a chance for people to meet and enjoy a meal or drinks.

Our local MP is Damian Green. He is also a very good constituency MP responding to local concerns and attending functions regularly with his wife Alicia, a family law barrister. The Association AGM in February is followed by an Open Meeting addressed by Damian with a chance to follow up on issues over drinks afterwards. Further information is available on his website .

Geraldine Dyer was elected local Borough Councillor in May 2011 and would be pleased to hear of any matters you wish to raise, call 01233 770213

If you are interested in coming to any of the events or would like to be more involved we would be delighted to hear from you. If you would like to join the Conservative Party, please visit or call 01233 820454. Membership brings the right to vote in leadership contests and opportunities for greater involvement and consultation at Constituency and National level.

For further information please telephone any of the following:

Martin Poile, Secretary 770390