Plastics Recycling

Many of you will have noticed that, last year, the plastic recycling bins at the Co-op store in Cranbrook were withdrawn, because Tunbridge Wells BC had decided to move to a doorstep collection service.  This happens in many other parts of the country.  Smarden Environment Group wrote to KCC asking about its policy for plastic recycling, bearing in mind its obligation to meet statutory reductions in waste going to landfill over the next few years.


The reply that while KCC has responsibility for waste disposal the 11 local district and Borough Councils have responsibility for the collection of waste.  Clearly they don’t all have a common collection policy.  KCC decided in 2007 to cease plastics recycling at its household waste recycling centres because it calculated that the carbon impact of the haulage of plastics outweighed the environmental benefits.  There were also arguments about the complexity and instability of the market for recycled plastics.


However, I was referred to the following website , which seems to make the case very strongly for the environmental and economic benefits of plastics recycling.  It is a very detailed website, but if you have a spare afternoon it would be instructive to browse through it.


We will continue to pursue this matter with Councils and would appreciate parishioners making their feelings known to Councillors at every level.  In the meantime the one thing we can do is to try to minimise our own use of plastics.  Try to avoid pre-packed food when the same can be bought loose.  Avoid using plastic bags but, if you have to, re-use them.   Remember to take reusable shopping bags with you and remember that Smarden Environment group sells small cotton shopping bags, which you can carry in your pocket or handbag, so you can always refuse the offer of a plastic bag when making small purchases.


Our next Country Market, the first of 2010 will take place in the Charter Hall on Saturday 20 March 10.00 – 12.00


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