Smarden Patchwork and Quilting Group


The group has its origins in a request floated by Jane Matthews in the Parish Magazine about eight years ago:  “Is anybody out there interested in patchwork and/or quilting?”  A few of us expressed an interest, and so the group was formed.


We have been meeting monthly, at East Lake Barn in Vesper Hawk Lane ever since.  For most of that time we met on Thursday evenings, but we realised recently that all of us were either retired or semi-retired.  There are already so many evening commitments available in the village, and none of us like walking or driving in the dark, so we decided to move our meetings to an afternoon slot.  Since January 2008 we have been meeting on the third Wednesday afternoon of each month.


Our objectives are:

  • To share, develop and maintain an interest in needlework skills, particularly those associated with hand patchwork and quilting;
  • To take part in occasional joint projects, to support the local community.  There have been three such projects thus far; two will raise funds for village amenities.


We have ventured forth on a couple of outings since formation.  We have enjoyed two October visits to the annual Needlework and Knitting Fair held at Alexandra Palace.



The group is co-ordinated by Stephanie Atkins (01233 770 736), with Jane Matthews, a hugely talented and trained corsetiere, taking the role of unofficial artistic director.



Our first community project, a double bedspread, which was made in Autumn 2002 and raised £600 for the Charter Hall through a raffle


 The group was delighted to be asked to take part in the innovative Christmas Tree competition at St Michael’s Church.

We took our entry seriously, and planned and worked for three months before the event.
We planned to make 100 small quilted stockings, filled with a candy cane.  In the event we made 110, and Jane Matthews supplied a beautiful patchwork tree skirt and patchwork star for the top of the tree.  We were fortunate to be allocated a favourable position within the church, next to the lecturn.
We were thrilled to be announced “The Winners”, as there were 31 other trees, and it was by public vote


  We are currently working on a (small) sofa or armchair throw, in autumn shades.

This will be raffled along with a matching cushion cover.  It should be finished by April.