To identify your local warden, please refer to the maps in the Post Office, Charter Hall and on the village notice board.


Areas               Wardens                                  Telephone


1 & 2                Emma Merrifield                     01233  770378

3                      Pauline & Roger Wilmot                     770134 

4                      Diana Steele                                       770695

5                      Julie Offen                                          770330

6                      Sarah Bristow                                     770564

7                      Stuart & Elizabeth McLeish                770523

8                      Jean Morgan                                       770321


Chairman        Martin Brooks                                     770426


Our Weald Police Community Support Officers are

Paul Moorey   0777 2226142             email:  and
Justin Farrow  0787 0252466             email:



Everyone with a burglar alarm should have neighbouring keyholders who can be contacted if alarms ring whilst they are away.   However, the police are no longer taking names of keyholders – this is now dealt with by Kentkeylink who have a partnership with the police.  Do not delay: e-mail  or telephone 01622 636326 to register YOUR house for peace of mind when you are away.