Proposed development of land behind Chessenden Lane


17/00032 Outline application with all matters reserved other than access to serve 20 dwellings including 5 market houses

Land off Chessenden Lane, Smarden

Following our e mail of last week we have now looked into this application in more detail and have the following comments to make:

Smarden Parish Council do not and have never supported this proposal.  We listened to the proposals some years ago, shortly after Dadson Court was completed, and agreed we were supportive in principal of Local Needs Housing in Smarden, but in the right place, and at the right time with up to date supporting evidence demonstrating a need.
Local Needs Housing must have the support of the Parish Council, an up to date Housing Survey and is usually driven by a Housing Association and the Planning Application would be submitted by the Housing Association who is developing the site.  This application does not fulfil this criteria.
We are concerned about the access, not only is Chessenden Lane a small difficult lane, but we do not believe that Ashford Borough Council are aware of the need to demolish two homes in order to ensure the access is possible, and this causes the Parish Council extreme concern.
The conversations between the Developer and Ashford Borough Council took place some years ago and are not up to date, and the Officers currently at Ashford Borough Council are not aware of the history of the site and the possibility of the demolition of two of their homes.
This site was not put forward in the Call for Sites by Ashford Borough Council and is a green field site not ear marked for development.

In Smarden, 25 houses are going to be built on an adjacent site, a number of which will be low cost houses.  We are fighting an appeal for 50 houses on the same site. If we lost the appeal it will contain 35% to 40% low cost housing.   We believe, that if we agree to 20 houses being built in Chessenden it will significantly hinder our ability to fight the appeal with Gladman. They will use the 20 houses to say to the Inspector that we have allowed them so another 25 will not make much difference.

We are concerned that the development in Chessenden will end up as open market housing as under normal circumstances a Housing Association would make the application in conjunction with the Parish Council.

We would ask that if you object to this Planning Application you e mail your objections on line or write to Katy Magnall quoting the reference 17/00032 stating your objections.

Online using the planning application search links inputting the following reference 17/00032/AS or alternatively write to Katy Magnall, Joint Planning Development Manager, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane,  Ashford TN23 1PL

Smarden Parish Council 29/01/17