Parish Council Planning Meeting minutes Jan 2016


MONDAY 18th JANUARY 2016 AT 6.45m




Cliff Ridley

Update on Local Plan and possible Neighbourhood Plan   

Sarah summarised her findings from extensive discussions with Ashford Borough Council (ABC).

ABC are confident that their emerging Local Plan has a deliverable amount of houses.

Any Neighbourhood Plan would have to work in tandem with the Local Plan if then adopted then the Parish Council would be responsible for enforcing planning applications and appeals. This would have a significant cost implication to the Parish Council and also for successive Parish Councils.

It was thought that the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan is a long and involved process which will not necessarily help with opposing an application from Gladman Developments.

The draft Local Plan is to go before the Borough Councillors on 16th April. It is thought that the field adjoining the Charter Hall would be included in the Plan. If this was the case then the Parish Council would be involved in the design.

After a lengthy discussion each Parish Councillor gave their individual opinion. It was unanimously decided not to pursue an application for a Neighbourhood Plan. It was however agreed that there was a need to update the Parish Wish List. It was agreed that this would be reviewed in the Summer. It would be raised at the Annual Parish Meeting so that Parishioners could be as fully involved as possible.

Geraldine thanked Sarah and acknowledged the significant amount of research work which she has undertaken in collating this information.

John thanked Sarah for all her hard work.

It was agreed that in light of the level of interest in a possible Neighbourhood Plan at the Parish Meeting on 11th January it was thought to be helpful for Parishioners to have a full understanding of the process taken in reaching the decision not to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan. It was agreed that the best way would be to prepare an article to go in the next edition of the Parish Magazine. Copies of this article would then be available in the Post Office and also on the Parish Council website.

Sarah emphasised that there should be a note of thanks to ABC for being so helpful in proving such extensive information.

Potential housing development in the village                     

It was agreed that the Parish Council would not be prepared to meet any further Planning Agents or developers and that no further decisions about residential development in the Parish would be made until after the production of the Local Plan.

Any other planning business

Application No. 15/01522

Proposal: Erection of a detached single storey dwelling for agricultural worker

Location: Buckman Green Farm, Romden Road, Smarden TN27 8QZ

Comments: Comment that we are pleased that original concerns have been overcome and this is no longer considered a mobile home/temporary accommodation.  SPC would like to see this family continue on this farm within the village. GD will take to Committee if ABC minded to refuse.

Application No: 15/01654

Proposal: Prior Approval for the change of use of agricultural building and land to one single dwelling

Location: Wagon Lodge at Romden Farm, Romden Road, Smarden

Comments: No comment

Application No. 15/01675

Proposal: Modifications to approved application 87/1275/AS extant oast conversion

Location: Langley Farm, Bethersden Road, Smarden TN26 3HF

Comments: No Comment

Application No: 15/01678

Proposal: Part conversion of outbuilding to residential annexe

Location: Penfield, Bethersden Road, Smarden TN27 8QF

Comments: No objection in principal but attach 106 agreement and tie properties in perpetuity. To go to Committee

Application No: 15/01642

Proposal: Retrospective Listed Building Consent for the installation of chemical damp course installed December 1999.  Proposed rectification of current damp to the ground floor at the foot of the stairs and in the adjoining toilet

Location: Providence House, The Street, Smarden Kent TN27 8QA

Comments: No Comment

Application No: 16/00001/OLE/AS

Proposal: Installation of new overhead pole

Location: Land west of Fairview House, Pluckley Road, Smarden, Kent

Comments: No Comment

John thanked Sarah for her all her hard work.

The meeting closed at 7.30pm